Everyone has their own values to help themselves in their lives. My desire is to contribute to make a positive difference in this world. In order to do that, I believe that strating with practical daily life is fundamental.

I serve humanity and Planet Earth in this time of powerful evolution. We can collaborate with integrity to create the best possible reality for ourselves.

These are my main values.   



Be yourself!


In this time of evolution it's important to be centered. It's time to rediscover our essence, our inner wisdom, our talents and gifts. Everyone is special; we're all important for this planetary evolution. Only when we express our true selves can we make a positive difference.

It's time to recognize, honour and manifest our true essence. Everyone has their own way and timing but everyone is called to manifest their uniqueness! In order to go beyond the illusion we need to remove "the masks" we decided to conciously or unconsciously put on ourselves.   





We need to be centered to realize our potentials and manifest the magic in our lives.

When we listen to our intuition we open our hearts , and our awareness and our communication improve. When we practice "listening" we can feel when it's the right time to rest or to move on. We can also integrate empathy  and respect for ourselves and others. Everyone has their own path so It's important to respect it.



Free Your Creativity!


In this new time of evolution it's important to awake our awareness. Everything is interconnected, sometimes in ways that we don't understand. We are all part of a bigger picture and it's time to recognize that we're all creators. We partner up with the Universe in order to co-create: the Universe is abundant and ready to serve us in every moment and in every way possible. Together with the Universe we all co-create our reality with our thoughts, emotions and actions.

If we want to experience beautiful transformations we need to accept our role as creators in this reality.

Consciously use your creativity in order to create the best reality for everyone and also all future generations.  

Accept, Play, Smile and Enjoy!


The key to change is acceptance. If we fight against something we creatwe frustration and "blocks". By doing this we don't allow life to flow. We start experiencing difficulties and limitations. In order to flow easily with life and attract synchronicity, we need to accept our "now moments"!

This life is a path towards the acceptance of who we truly are and what we are here for! Our journey as humans is about remembering our divine nature. It's time to claim our power and consciousness. We are divine beings experiencing human life in this physical body.

It's all about  remembering and letting go of all the beliefs  and programming in order to rediscover our true self!

We are like a surfer and life is the ocean: It's time to "surf" life and go with the flow! 

Go Practice!


To make transformation happen the only way on this Planet is by putting it into practice. We can read thousands of books but if we don't do what they say, no change will occur! So It's important to practice love, peace, calm, joy, trasformation and all the other attribute of mastery.

We can change everything! The only limit that we have is created by our minds.

We decided to live this experience on Earth in our physical form. So we need to integrate everything that we live here. There's no way to bypass this. We need to live our "now moments", accept our humanity and encrease our vibrations consciously. The process of ascension is working, the only thing we need to do is stay in the present moment and allow the process of transformations to happen by allowing changes to happen and feeling your emotions.

Enjoy the process my dear fellow travelers!  |  Valentina Giovannini |    Mobile: +39 348 0620705  |    P. IVA 02289280469|Self-employed law 4/2013

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