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Life is full of synchronicities,
start embracing them!"

"A journey towards self-discovery!”

Is there any aspect of your life that needs to be balanced?

What is occurring in your life right now that needs to be addressed?

Do you want to broaden your horizons and develop your potential?

I can assist and support you! I commit to holding the space for your journey of transformation, are you ready for this?


Mob.: +39 348 0620705​

Treatments and Sessions:

I am Valentina Giovannini, and the focus of my work is to support you in anchoring the energy of transformation and enlightenment than is rising on Earth.

We need to stay grounded in the present moment in order to go beyond duality and increasing  our  vibration.

I can assist you in your with your reconnection to Mother Earth and integrate emotions to help you find your inner peace. I can support you to leave your "box of fear" behind in order to embrace your true essence again, and achieve what you want.

 Valentina Giovannini

“...Again I will remind you: Lighthouses were built for storms, and you know what I'm speaking of. It's not a time of testing, it's a time of adjusting. It's not something you've done that brings you these problems and these challenges; rather, it's a time of shift. So dear Human Being, as your DNA begins to shift, a change of your comfortable past reality is what often happens. Don't despair. There's reason for all these things, and if you're one of those who decides in the face of this fear, "I choose to dance," then you're going to make it through.". Kryon

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